Marna Bell: black and white photography of “Little Odessa”, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Willson Cummer: series of black and white photography based on the pandemic notion of 6′ distancing

Michael Hughes: elegant black or white porcelain vessels

Sam Graceffo: uniquely handcrafted sterling silver jewelry

Oct. 8 – Nov. 19

Due to COVID, no public reception


Karen Burns: semi-abstracted landscape oil paintings

Nancy Nixon Ensign: Mixed media series ” An Artist’s Year in Quarantine”

Geoffrey Navias: wood vessels made from trees brought down by climate change events

Shawn Halperin: wood and bronze summer jewelry collection

August 20- October 1

No public reception


95th anniversary celebration of the CNY branch of the National League of Pen Women

10 artist members will be displayed alongside the ekphrasic poetry of 10 writer members based on the paintings

Exhibit dates: July 2-August 13

Due to COVID, no reception

Katya Bratslavsky: colorful impasto floral paintings and jewelry made with semi-precious stone and Swarovski crystals
Carol Adamec: metal sculpture
Exhibit dates: May 14-June 25, 2021
Due to COVID, no reception

Exhibit open to high schools within a 30 mile radius of Syracuse; juried by the CNY Art Guild

Exhibit dates: April 27-May 7, 2021

Due to COVID, no reception