Dana Stenson: metalsmith jewelry with stone, including her insect series

Brendon Flynn: paintings incorporating the juxtaposition of nature, science, anatomy, mythology and classis occult iconography

Vartan Poghosian: a tribute to snake god “Mehen” through the exploration of snake-like trails and imagery on wheel thrown stoneware vessels

March 4 – April 15, 2022

Due to Covid, no reception


Mary Giehl: beaded work on fabric depicting the beauty of microscopic images in their random complexities; inspired by waterborne organisms and brain activities. Also showing “Candy” series of brightly colored bronze children’s shoes , reminiscent of sweet and lovely times in childhood

Davana Robedee: Japanese stitch resist shibori dye technique using homegrown indigo on silk; creating shapes and patterns inspired by the artist’s dreams

Judi Witkin: hand beaded items including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and whimsical boxes

Jan. 14- Feb. 25, 2022

Due to COVID, no reception


Paintings, handcrafted purses, jewelry, throws and pillows, mittens and booties, ornaments

Due to COVID, no reception

Nov. 26-Jan. 7


Marna Bell: black and white photography of “Little Odessa”, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Willson Cummer: series of black and white photography based on the pandemic notion of 6′ distancing

Michael Hughes: elegant black or white porcelain vessels

Sam Graceffo: uniquely handcrafted sterling silver jewelry

Oct. 8 – Nov. 19

Due to COVID, no public reception


Karen Burns: semi-abstracted landscape oil paintings

Nancy Nixon Ensign: Mixed media series ” An Artist’s Year in Quarantine”

Geoffrey Navias: wood vessels made from trees brought down by climate change events

Shawn Halperin: wood and bronze summer jewelry collection

August 20- October 1

No public reception