Katya Bratslavsky: colorful impasto floral paintings and jewelry made with semi-precious stone and Swarovski crystals
Carol Adamec: metal sculpture
Exhibit dates: May 14-June 25, 2021
Due to COVID, no reception

Exhibit open to high schools within a 30 mile radius of Syracuse; juried by the CNY Art Guild

Exhibit dates: April 27-May 7, 2021

Due to COVID, no reception

Wendy Harris: pastel and acrylic paintings
Tom Slocum: wood sculpture, some incorporating glass and epoxy
Sylvia Hayes-McKean; sculptural jewelry
Exhibit dates: March 5-April 23
No reception due to COVID
Ken Nichols: abstract paintings, ceramic mugs and bowls, scarves and purses based on his abstract designs
Onofrio Giordano: selection of imagery based on his years of graphic designs
Caroline Tauxe: colorful fabric jewelry
Exhibit dates: Jan. 15- Feb. 26, 2021
Due to Covid, no public reception held
Stephen Carlson: contemplative semi-abstract acrylic paintings
Penelope Ravok: handmade glass jewelry
Lauren Bristol: sculptural coiled basketry
Exhibit dates: Oct. 2 – Nov. 13, 2020
Due to COVID, no opening reception